Monday, November 21, 2016

Don't Go in the House - 1979

I'm continuing my Don't.... marathon here, taking a long break from bloggin about movies, and also taking a long break from my sci fi boxset.  Why?  There a lots of reasons for it, a lot of answers to that question, but suffice to say that The Reason is because no one reads this, it doesn't matter, and it's just a thing I do to waste time.  Wow, that felt interesting to say/type.

Don't Go in the House is a Psycho meets Texas Chainsaw type of horror slasher, influenced by both those and Halloween, but still pretty ahead of it's time since it was yet another slasher flick before the prevalence and popularity in the 80's.  At this point I'm convinced the only reason that people make assumptions about a genre like slashers that was defined in the 80's is because those people don't do any fucking research.  They don't investigate, dig into the movies that were coming out before that, and they reach natural assumptions based on "what's popular".  Fuck people, man.

Psycho: a movie in which the main villain has a hotel that he lives at with his (spoilers) dead mother who he dresses up as and kills people.  Who hasn't seen Psycho?  Well, since people apparently don't do research any more, I'm going to guess "a lot of people".  Fuck people, man.

Don't Go in the House: a movie wherein the main villain has a house that he lives at with his (spoilers) dead mother who he keeps in the upstairs.  He abducts random girls from different situations, comes up with a reason to take them to his house, and proceeds to kill them.  The "hook" if you will of this movie, not unlike an overplayed radio song, is that the killer is wackier, nuttier, and more ridiculous that Psycho, and occasionally barbecues these girls to death with a flamethrower.  I think we literally see one flamethrower death, but that enough to justify this movie putting the word flamethrower on it, which was a major reason to see it for me besides the name.

Mr. Flame, as we'll call the villain, is very prevalent in this movie, and serves as the main character.  His rationale is that he was abandoned by his dad, his mom abused him, and he turned into a serial killer.  You know, I have to say that I liked that reasoning.  At least they explained it, and based on what I have read on Wikipedia (a lot) a lot of true to life serial killers have similar upbringings.  Seriously, abused kids often go into serial killing, it's like their number one job choice.  Some ambitious parent out there should run a scientific study with their own kids: hurt the hell out the him/her, rape them several times, and then see if they grow up to be one.  Then, get back to me about the results.

So I'm feeling a little bit hungover and tired and I'm also riding my initial caffeine wave, it's influencing this entry a lot as I'm sure you can guess.  I'm also relistening to Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, the overly dream pop-esque entry from M83.

Don't Go in the House does at least justify it's name, unlike that fucking Don't Look in the Basement bullshit.  That movie, by the way, had a recent sequel, which was way worst than the first one and also had one of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard.

This one was pretty good for what it was I guess, it didn't greatly impress me in any way, but the movie went by pretty quickly, especially nice cause it had so little happen in it. I guess I'll give it 3 stars.

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