Friday, January 22, 2016

Queen Kong - 1976

I could've been fine without revisiting the really lame side of comedies.  This is a straight up comedy, maybe a sci-fi comedy or something if you're a genre nazi.  This movie was made because the King Kong movie with Jeff Bridges also came out in 1976.  This was a quick piggyback onto that film, so that if you wanted to see a Scary Movie style take on King Kong, you could go see this.  This is the Scary Movie style, but since Scary Movie was funnier than this (not hard) this is more like the....Scary Movie 5 or Epic Movie or some other lame comedy flick.

The official reason that this movie got no release in the US was because it was too similar to King Kong.  They didn't want to get in legal problems, and thus no US release.  Who gives a fuck, I'd like to pretend that the reason it didn't get a release was because the movie was too fucking stupid.  It follows the King Kong plot pretty precisely:  white people go to an island of aboriginal peoples, those people worship a giant gorilla.  In this case, it's an all female island and a female gorilla.  The gorilla falls in love with effeminate British guy Ray.  Then they take Queen Kong back to England where it goes on it's rampage thing.

The comedy sucks.  As I might've mentioned.  It's all done by bad actors, and it is the lowest of the low type of comedy.  Gags include putting the gorilla in a bra and underwear, the guy who only ever says "Yes Dear", gorilla puns, and more.  This movie didn't even make me think of laughing.  Not even once.  It hurt pretty bad.

"She might have been the queen on this island, but in London half the guys you meet are queens."  Get it, like, queens as in gay?  I mean this is the kind of comedy where it's like, I get it, but that's not funny.  That doesn't even make sense.  It's just a one liner someone thought of and since the movie was supposed to be "comedy" they inserted that line into the script.  It's also like, the characters do everything that needs to be done for the joke setup.  Sometimes they're smart, usually stupid, say things that don't make sense, or know a lot about something for no reason other than it fits the scene.

So in the end, this movie isn't even worth putting on to see how bad it is.  It's only good if you're really, really, really, REALLY high.

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