Monday, November 2, 2015

Vengeance of the Zombies - 1973

The literate translation of the title in Spanish is "the rebellion of the dead", and this is movie where I find myself disagreeing with the critics.  Not that this is the first or last time or whatever.  I guess this is looked at as semi-classic so bad it's good in the eyes of many people, and for me this was "so bad it's....eeehhhhhh."  That's the sound of you as you gradually lose interest, get distracted, and eventually just find your eyes and your mind wandering away from the film going on.

The problems here are heard to define, so let's start with the plot:  a voodoo priest raises girls from the dead and they kill people for him.  Paul Naschy, a real actor, plays the voodoo priest dude and also wrote the movie, which is kinda interesting.  This movie was made in Spain and dubbed into English, and I think he mighta done his own dubbing.  I watched this on Amazon, and the quality sucked.  Maybe I might've liked it better had the quality been better?  It is possible.

Anyways, the girls are mildly hot at times, but the one that takes the crown is Romy, who plays Elvira, but not the mistress of the dark.  She is apparently a well known Spanish actress, but I'd never heard of her or seen her other movies.  She gets a lot of screen time and it's apparent that a lot of this movie's fan base is there because of her.  Is she hot?  Sure!  We see her nice tits once too.  But this was not like a legend-making film or performance or anything, so I just shrug at the fans.

Basically it's very color by numbers, the women kill people, voodoo guy skulks around, Romy gets hunted, yawn.  The effects, acting, look, feel, atmosphere, it's all very dated.  This movie did not age well, and again I have to say I've seen older movies that feel way more intense than this one.

Well, that's all.  1.5 stars.

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