Monday, August 10, 2015

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror - 1998

I identify as bisexual.  That might be a TMI moment for many a reader out there. You probably don't know, don't care about my sexual history or preferences.  I'm just saying that I am not discriminatory.  Like, I like guys and girls, so I don't have nothing against gay people or transsexuals, or whatever.  But, somewhere on IMDb, somewhere online, it should just be stated, yes, this person did have a sex change.  It's just confusing.  I know it's none of my business per say, but come on.  Alexis Arquette plays Greg in the movie.  Cause she/he was still a guy. There's the start of this confusion.

Children of the Corn is I guess a classic horror film.  Even when I was young though, it did't have a great reputation and other Stephen King movies had a more known-about following.  It relied on kids being scary- maybe even helped invent that genre, and that might've been why it wasn't that known:  the kids were not very good actors in the movie.  But it has the most sequels as practically any movie ever, it is one of 9 Children of the Corn movies.  Okay.  It wasn't a bad first movie, but it definitely did not deserve 8 sequels.

This is also the first movie of Eva Mendez, she plays Kir in the movie, and she's a pretty decent actress.  My biggest qualm about her is that she is supposed to be 18 in the movie, and she was 24 in the role and she does NOT look 18.  She looks older.  Not in a bad way, but just, totally not 18.  She and a group of friends are driving along and end up in a town that's ruled by children, the children are all hella evil and influenced by "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" which is basically Satan.  The bodies stack up but Mendez and company decide to try and save the kids.

The movie is not as awful as you'd expect from a 5th installment that brings back no actors, plotlines, or anything related to the first movie (besides the basic concept).  It keeps the body count going, has enough weird characters to keep you interested, and is occasionally actually good/interesting.  They don't really make these sort of off shoots of things that much anymore, and in a way I like these things just cause they establish a legacy and/or fanbase.  You never meet anyone who's got like, all the Children of the Corn movies on DVD and the poster and is huge into the franchise, but if you do meet that guy, they're probably awesome.  I just wonder at some point when it comes to an 9 movie Children of the Corn series, was there ever that much demand for more sequels?  Are there actually other people out there like me who watch every single sequel?

It's cool though, and the movie like I said isn't all that bad.  Just relatively tame and forgettable.
2 stars.

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