Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cave of the Living Dead - 1964

Also known as Night of the Vampires.

I watched this under the title of the post, Cave of the Living Dead.  I wanted some zombie flick, originally, and put this on cause obviously it sounded awesome.  But this is fact a vampire film, and I was ready for disappointment, but this film is actually not that bad.

There's been a grouping of murders recently, and a inspector is called in to solve them.  Maybe they're unsolved because the two policemen on the case are retarded?  That definitely seems to be the case.  There's also the unintelligent, self-depreciating black man John, and there's a doctor who clearly thinks that work and actual doctor duties are far too much to ask...  It's a real mess.  The inspector has to set everyone straight, solve the murders, and figure out why it is the victims have two little puncture marks on their necks.

Filmed in the 60's and still black and white, I was intrigued from the beginning because the film quality and the look was actually interesting.  It was actually pretty well shot and made, the atmosphere is present, and you kind of get caught up in the story.  This isn't one of those where you're just suffering in silence as they go from pointless dialogue scene to pointless drinking coffee scene to bland death back to dialogue.  They actually kept this movie going, they keep it interesting, and I wanted to watch it.

I did make the mistake to get drunk and high midway through, however.  This is not a drinking/smoking movie, it's one you might want to pay attention to.  I quickly forgot about the plot and wondered what was going on, and I really don't remember much of the end.  I know I wanted to like this movie though, so memory or not it gets 3.5 stars.

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