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100 Bloody Acres - 2012

Let's face it, there is no particular reason why I review the films I do on this site.  Sure, most of them are grindhouse or something similar, be it a B movie, a cult classic, or a unknown film I want to make people aware of.  But then I also reviewed movies like Rodentz and Grim and Nightcrawler, films that really don't "belong" here.  But that's cause it's my website, and if I only wrote about one type of movie well I would be boring.  And even though no one reads this site anyway, I like to think that I might have something in here for everyone to read.

So the basic point of this little intro is to tell you that I'm going to review whatever I want and if you don't like it, don't read it.  You don't have to.  In fact, no one is reading this site anyway, and that only proves that I am sort of in the right here.  Also, to all my teeming billions of fans out there eagerly anticipating updates, yes, I have slowed my review process down.  I did tons of reviews in January and February and this is my second March review, 5 days in.  I've been busy and tired.  In fact, my regular bedtime has been 10pm despite the fact I'm not 70 years old.  Just haven't had the time to watch anything.  I'm married, I have a job, and sometimes a life, so really it's not my fault.  I also have been watching some MST3K lately as well as some TV shows.  So, distracted in other words.  I will try to find the time in the future.

100 Bloody Acres came to my attention because like most sensible movie viewers, I love movies filmed in Australia.  It's such a cool, diverse place.  It's got some of the most interesting things in the world, in my opinion.  I was really into the idea of "Ozploitation" a while ago and I did a bunch of research about classic Oz films, I watched a couple of them, and then I wondered about movies being made there now, and found this movie.  There, complete history of how I came to know about this movie.  You're welcome.

100 Bloody Acres is about 3 young people travelling through Australia to a concert when their car breaks down.  It's a couple, James and Sophie, and a mutual friend Wes.  Wes and Sophie are also sleeping together unbeknownst to James.  Reg is a driver for a fertilizer business and about this time, he comes across a car accident and a body lying there, in the road.  He takes the body and shoves it in the back of his fertilizer truck.  Then he happens upon Wes, Sophie and James, and gives them a ride.

Reg and his brother Lindsay, you see, are using bodies in their fertilizer.  They have a big grinding machine and they grind em up and sell em, and now they have three live people which they are going to use as fertilizer as well.  Reg has a soft, sane side though, and he succumbs to this side because of his attraction to Sophie.  Then it's brother against brother with 3 hapless victims thrown in.

I really liked this movie.  Which is why it made the website.  It was clever, well made, and funny.  It is a horror comedy, and it's one that actually succeeds in both.  There aren't scares really, more of just over the top blood and guts.  Which is another way in which this movie is comical.  Every character in the film gets their chance to be weird and funny, every action makes sense, and the story is easy to follow.  There are plenty of bizarre moments in the film, and it's just very likable.

There's a terrific scene which I must mention, where there's this old lady that is visiting with elder brother Lindsay.  Lindsay is a cold, mean killing machine.  At this point in the film he has tortured people, he had beat his brother and tried to kill him, and just generally been the bad guy.  The lady comes over and the two of them have tea.  We cut away and follow someone else for a while and when we get back to Lindsay and the woman...he's under her dress giving her oral sex!  It was such a WTF random moment.  It was smart, could be hilarious to some people, and just so out there.

It was a fun movie, not like a "must see" but definitely a lot of fun, and different from so many cut and paste horror comedy movies.  I think it deserves a spot somewhere along with Shaun of the Dead and whatever else is a well known horror comedy.  I'll give it 3.5 stars, or 4.  I don't know.  It's so hard to rate a movie like this.  Cause it's not like it was that funny or memorable.  Maybe I'll just give it 3.

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