Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prime Evil - 1988

I had to buy this collection I found on Amazon, if you are a horror or bad movie buff check it out:

This is great because it's so damn cheap! 3 dollars!  For 12 movies.  Yes I will gladly buy that.  My first venture into it I took last night, with Prime Evil from 1988.  Prime Evil is a not-so-great horror movie, in one of those horror sub-genre's I don't particularly like: the horror movies that are about, concern, or have characters that are doing something involving religion.

For me this is a big deal.  Even The Exorcist for me is kind of in the genre, because it involves a religious dude fighting some demon that's taken over this little girl.  It's not that I am not willing to watch movies like this, it's just that generally I find them to all be similar and all be bland.  Like it's more about the psychological terror than awesome monsters and badass effects, which is what I love.  (See:  Demons - 1985)

In this movie, some religious cult leader is immortal, and has to sacrifice a virgin to Satan, to do all his evil shit.  Of course.  So, we follow the virgin and her boyfriend, as the evil cult leader tried to charm her into getting away from her boyfriend.  Then at the same time, we also follow a nun who takes the dangerous assignment of infiltrating the religious cult, to get an inside perspective, and to stop them.

And...it all goes pretty much as you'd expect.  Religious culty dude is averagely creepy (actually a pretty decent actor too) and the cult is getting close to their goal of sacrificing the virgin on the Winter Solstice to bring Satan out and grant them further immortality.  Or something.

There's lots of topless girls in this movie (although not the best bodies in the world) and not a lot of cool death or effects.  Spoilers for this movie includes the actual devil getting summoned and killed, it's a cool costume and I wish we could've seen it longer.  And they drown a woman in alcohol in a very stupid sequence that would not work in real life.  Then we get the stupid twist ending that the leader of the cult is still out there.  Yeah, so scary.
But Satan is dead.  So....how/why is he still out there?
In fact if Satan is dead, are we all going to heaven then?  Or did god die too?  Can good exist without evil?  Stupid ending.

That's all, nothing much else to say about this flick.  Very average.  The clothes looks 80's so that's fun, but everything else feels 70's.

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