Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grim - 1995

This is one of those movies that is probably thought of in that eternal stereotypical way "it's so bad it's good".  But in my view, it's not THAT bad.  It's biggest flaw is that it's just a low budget movie that leaves no lasting impression.

I love that in some movies, they have padding where there is none needed, but then you are just violently thrown into other scenes, scenes which need an explanation, but there is none.  That is definitely the case in this movie.  The movie begins (of course) with a random Ouija board scene and some people, who through their actions, call this creature into existence.  It infests itself in a cave under where they live in Virginia.

Then you have a team of spelunkers, exploring the same gigantic cave.  I find it interesting that this film was made in England, yet it's supposed to be Virginia?  And most the characters don't have an accent or sound like maybe they are trying to hide an accent?  Like why not just be British if you are?  Perhaps they didn't want to have that British feel to the movie?  I would like to know the story behind that.  It seems the director is British, I can't seem to find that information online.  But then why not hire British actors?  I'm just going to say that they wanted to appeal to all audiences and call it even at that.

Anyways, there is of course a huge monster in these caves.  Grim, the name of the movie and therefore what I'm going to call the monster, is a pretty decent costume.  It's got big teeth, big claws, and is bulging with muscles.  It does a decent enough job as a movie monster, even with frequent long shots of the monster and close-ups.

So Grim starts to pick off the spelunkers.  And...can teleport through walls.  Oh yeah.  I forgot about that didn't I?  He can.  And it's the worst effect in the movie, and has no explanation.  And, he doesn't use it as often as he could/should, preferring to wander aimlessly around for quite a chunk of the movie.  Anyway, we see him more than we should, ruining the thrill of seeing the monster, but since he looks cool, that's not a terrible thing.

This is the film's guilty-est sin, padding the fuck out the middle with stupid dialogue, the monster presumably getting lost in his own cave, and other similar things.  At one point, Grim kidnaps one of the females, chains her up in a big open room, and "keeps her for later" I guess.  Why he kills others but not her, anyone's guess.  Anyways, that's fine, and as these idiotic people try and escape Grim they discover light hurts Grim.  Okay, cool.
So then when part of the cave collapses, blocking their way out, they must face Grim and find a way out.  And eventually they find a part of the cave that has a view of the outside, and hey, it's almost day time.  So they lure Grim to them, the sun shines at just the right time, and Grim gets transformed into a rock.
Then they leave.  Yeah, that's right.  They leave the other woman, I think her name was Wendy, trapped in the cave, chained up.  The film ends, showing Wendy chained in the cave.  Well, sucks to be her.

It's a decent enough, forget-able flick, good monster suit, and by the director of a similar monster movie, Breeders.  It's got bad actors, but who cares, and padding, but it's not like it's the worst movie ever made or anything.  Check dat shit out.

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